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Chanel goes Cheap

I was taken aback when walking through Brown Thomas yesterday by this dress. There she was on a manikin looking all innocent – and tatting-like. Closer (ok, about 2 metres off) it was apparent that the lace in question, while mimicking tatting’s forms was certainly not tatting. In fact it looked rather like bits of nylon sewn down into the shapes and rather cheap and nasty too.

Chanel’s own website calls this “guipure” lace, which wikipedia redirects to filet lace (certainly isn’t that). Merrium-Webster claims it is a heavy large-patterned lace dating from the mid 19th century.

Chanel clothes are expensive enough that they should have been able to provide the real deal.

3 thoughts on “Chanel goes Cheap”

  1. I was going to say something about this the other day, but then I couldn’t leave a comment, and I thought you were one of those people who doesn’t allow comments. But now! Working!

  2. I have seen someone offering machine embroidery templates to fake tatting – I did not save the link, I just feel puzzled as to *why* would someone do that… but, to each their own… I just won’t be buying a super expensive cheaply made thing!

  3. Right on.
    Sometimes, I don’t know what designers are THINKING. Or if they are.
    Maybe they thought they were trying to be “avant garde”. Or maybe someone didn’t put the REAL time and effort in.
    My thing is, if you’re going to use machine lace for something, at least don’t have it look derpy looking. Make the lace look “expensive”.

    Shame, Chanel. You advertise you are tailored and handmade, or couture high end fashion, then you made this? And sell it for lots? The ethics.. it doesn’t feel right. (I do know they make stuff “off the rack”. But still.)

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