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An expiring passport found Christian and I boarding an early bus this morning bound for Glasgow. After an initial mix up due to the passport people failing to tell me that I needed to go to the appointment office as opposed to the interview office for my renewal interview we managed to get to the right place on time. Once that was all sorted we headed into town.

First stop was the impressive George Square with it’s war memorial and the lovely city chambers buildings. Since the ornate gates were clearly locked, we then headed out towards Glasgow Cathedral, the resting place of St Mungo. An amazingly stunning building, it can trace itself back to the 600s. I was particularly taken by the floor in the sacristy and tickled by there being a Blackadder Aisle.

After that bit of sight-seeing we stopped by a teppanyaki restaurant where we were thoroughly entertained by the chef and treated to some truely yummy food – aside from two others we had the entire restaurant to ourselves! Guess it’s more of a weekday thing.

Next on the list was a trip on the Glasgow subway – it’s the third oldest in the world and ever so cute – only 3 carriages and only 10 centimeters above Christian’s head! We took one out towards the Botanical Gardens where we visited The Yarn Cake, a new yarn shop and cafe. A very small shop, much smaller thanI expected, but still had enough colour and yarn choices to have me stopped with indecision – in the end I phoned a friend for some advice and brought home 22 balls of assorted yarn. Good thing that the new stock was not ready for purchase!

After some more walking and sight seeing and pubs and pizza we were on the 10pm bus back to Edinburgh, thoroughly exhausted. And as for my heel injury that I’m supposed to be resting – well I we did about 30,000 steps – just don’t tell the doctor!

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