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What’s your address?

I’ve noticed a distinct trend over the last 6 months for people to have absolutely no idea what their email address is. My own email address is extremely simple – it’s a direct reflection of how long I’ve been online, I have matching addresses at a couple of common email providers. More and more I’ve been getting emails intended for others. At first I thought spam, but then I noticed that the emails seemed not to follow the usual spam. So far I’ve received

– invitations to birthday parties
– notification that someone will be coming over to fix my heater
– letters sent to someone’s mother who happens to be named Kersti
– letters from schools to parents
– notification of changes to doctor’s appointments
– notification of changes to dance classes
– recipes sent from close friends
– receipts for train tickets
– receipts for movie tickets
– scans of passports

most of these are written in Estonian, Danish or Norwegian. Guess there’s more that spell their name like me there.

Today one of my colleagues received a receipt from a local airline with her name throughout and the name of another person. Her immediate thought was that someone had used her credit card to buy themselves a flight. Turns out that no, they just got their partner’s email address wrong.

What is wrong with these people? How can you not know what your email address is? Do they just make up an address thinking that the internet will magically know who they really mean? I wonder what they put on letters… And why has it really started lately, has the world grown stupider or are they just letting more dumb people online these days?

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