A New App A New Post

I know, I’m totally useless with this blog. I have all these great ideas but I am terrible – I write so many drafts and then don’t publish them. Generally this is because I cannot think of a witty title, or I figure that the post is too short to bother with, or I plan to add photos and then by the time I get around to sorting it, I’ve lost the moment. There’s also the fact that a post on facebook gets comments but my blog posts never do which makes me feel like I’m talking to an empty room!

So I’ve now downloaded the wordpress app. I’ve decided that my titles don’t need to be do witty, photos can wait and as for length, sometimes brevity is best! And the facebook thing- I really don’t want them owning my memories!

How about you? Do you find it hard to keep up with your blogging? Is facebook a more useful blogging tool? Are you stretched too thin with facebook, blogs, Twitter and other sites?

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