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By George, I Think She Got It!

As the wonderful Rex Harrison said (not sang) in My Fair Lady, “I knew that she would do it, and indeed she did!”

Yes, as you can see from the pic here my Innocent Knitting Nancy has proved successful and I now have two little smoothie hats to show for it. Truth be told I am rather chuffed with myself. This is also the first things I’ve knitted since I was a child and definitely the first projects I’ve ever finished in knitting – yay me!

In other news, Siobhan came over to keep me company this afternoon which was lovely. I’m about 50% through the bracelet I’m making Mum for her birthday (yes I know, late) and I feel as sick as a dog. Even opted out of knitting meet up tonight, am going to go to bed – soon, I promise. Ireland doesn’t have the range of cold and flue medications that you can get over the counter in Australia, so my standard approach is to take an antihistamine, nurofen plus and drink copious amounts of water. Even so, I expect to be out of action tomorrow too – my face feels numb, my shoulders and back are aching and my nose is running like a tap. I’ve been hit quite hard!

I hope that I’m the only one and that you’re all feeling well – good night!

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