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Geocaching – Scotland Mega

I’ve been looking forward to this for months and today was the day – the Scotland Geocaching Mega Event. I arrived in Edinburgh on Friday night and we were up early to catch the train to Perth, over the Firth of Forth fabulous bridge and through some gorgeous countryside to the small town. As we got our bearings outside the train station and headed towards the convention centre we started to see people walking about in classic cacher getup – hiking gear and a GPS. Turning one corner we found a small group gathered and sure enough, our first cache for the day was in hand. No need to hide it – we just handed to the next person together with the explanation of where it went.

At the convention centre we lined up to get our goodies – a silicon bracelet, name badge and lanyard and then we were in. A series of talks had been arranged, we went to the first but really they were’nt for us. In the main room we jostled to get to the vendor stands, I had a play with the new Garmin 62 series (nice kit and pretty colour) and looked at countless geocoins and cache containers. In the end I got a small log book and a roll of tape.

Of the cachers I knew who were going I only managed to run into Kevin and Karen. Kevin was running around like a mad kid who’d had too much red cordail! It was a total geek fest. After a few hours we decided to head out and do some actual caching.

In all we did 19 caches around Perth – it’s a beautiful city and we had such glorious weather, a truely perfect day out. Most of the caches we came across we found from ages away simply because we looked for where the crowds had gathered! In all we walked over 20kms, so we were utterly exhausted by the time we got home.

Photos to come soon!

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