Death by Firefox

Has anyone else ever noticed that every now and then on the mac, while running firefox, everything will seize up. It’s just happened to me again – looking through a hard drive I suddenly couldn’t see the contents of the directories. I could search for items and find them, but not view the folders themselves. Odd. Also noticed that my connection seemed to have totally died. No reason, and kicking the router wasn’t working. So after a while I do the secret Jedi IT trick – switched off my MacBook, took out the battery (and power lead) to do this. Then restarted.

And there, as sure as ever, was the dialog box telling me that Firefox was finishing updates.

What would be *really* nice would be for firefox to quit hanging up my entire system whenever it decided to do this, rather than cause me much frustration. Or, even better, someone should finally do side tab nav for chrome so I can dump this piece of crap!

Tell me what you think