Northern Ireland Geocaching

Saturday was a lovely day, I got up at stupid o’clock to get the train up to Belfast where I did a spot of shopping before meeting up with Juliana. We stopped at the Town Hall and then headed out of town for some serious geocaching.

Our trip took in some fabulous sites, including Legananny Dolmen, Spelga Dam, Windy Gap and even a Souterrain which is a tunnel dug under farms to hide catholics. The pictures tell it better than I do.

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We had good if not great weather – would have been nice to have the view from Windy Gap without the clouds, but at least it was dry and relatively warm. Lots of good ideas for future trips too…

At the end of the day we managed to knock over 20 finds, which is my record for finds in a day (by one!) and I even managed to make it onto the last train home after a bit of an adventure trip to Newry Station thanks to unsignposted roadworks đŸ™‚

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