The fire alarm went of this evening at about 6:30pm. I went downstairs (using the stairs not the lift) and out onto the street. Noone else seemed to be doing that. No fire trucks anywhere to be seen so I called building management. The guy there had me go to the fire panel and read out all sorts of stuff from it before he decided that all was ok.

The at 12:45am it went off again. I was asleep, but I dragged myself out of bed and got dressed and went downstairs. Arnaud decided that he didn’t want to. Once again I seemed to be the only person doing this. A few women from the block next door came in an disabled the alarm then disappeared. I called building management again.

Now here I am at 1:30am waiting for the guy to turn up so that I can let him in to take a look. I now that the alternative is that I’ll get woken up again in a few hours if the thing is faulty – I’ve had that happen before. I’ve also had the situation before where there was a real fire in the basement carpark.

I can understand the desire to stay in bed, I really want to be there – but honestly, alarms are supposed to be there for a reason.

I feel rather annoyed. Surely someone else who’s more awake could be doing this right now instead of me!

OK, I’ve let the guy in. He’s told me that I can go back to bed – I’m so hoping that’s my last interruption for the night.

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