Twitter frustration

I have to admit that I love twitter. It’s just like a giant blended RSS feed. My only problem is the clients. While I’ve found the perfect client for on my iPod, it’s the desktop clients that I find wanting. What I can’t understand is why Twitterific, my iPod client of choice, chooses to have such a pathetic desktop version. Meanwhile, tweetdeck is consistent but just so woefully laid out that it just irritates me every time I use it. What I’d really love is a blend of the two – tweetdeck’s side-by-side view of all accounts (including facebook and linkedin) with quick buttons to send a tweet to one or all accounts, or even to retweet from another account coupled with twitterific’s inline colour coding of messages and the way that it’ll stay where it is in the feed as new tweets come in, ensuring that you don’t miss anything.

Until that happens, I’m on the hunt for a new client. What’s your favourite twitter client and what’s so good about it?

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