Social etiquette in the 21st Century

You’ve just done or found out something awesome and you’re itching to tell the world – what method do you use?

A lot depends on what that something awesome is – if it’s that you got a pair of Manolos half price or you drastically changed your hair then a facebook/twitter status message is the way to go.

If, however, your news is that of your engagement, divorce, wedding dates, pregnancy or coming out then a status message is a huge no-no.

Where’s the line? Well I guess it’s about the place that 40 years ago you would have been putting an announcement in a newspaper – Mr & Mrs Ploppy wish to announce the engagement of their daughter – type of thing.

While social networks have given us more access to minutea of our friends’ lives they’ve also exposed just where you place those friends on an importance scale – do you think me an important enough part of your life to warrant individual attention in the form of a visit/phone call/personal email, or am I just another in your life crowd to be shouted at?

It can be quite hurtful indeed to find out something important about a close friend or family member through a chance encounter with an online wall. Let’s face it, an email to the family or a quick round of phone calls will only delay you a few hours and keep those you love most feeling special.

So, next time you’ve something important to say, spare a moment to consider how you should say it, who to and when.

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