Restaurant Review – Blonde in Edinburgh

Blonde is a French/Scottish fusion restaurant, not really sure what that means – it looked like a largely french menu to me when I ate there early April 2010.

The place is stylish, although the seats are hard and uncomfortable. No sparkling by the glass so it was sparkling water for me.

For starters I had a terrine of pheasant, guinea-fowl and bacon for starters which was simply divine – it was all I could do to not lick my plate. For my main I had the Aberdeen Angus rib-eye steak; lemon and green peppercorn butter; stir fried vegetables served with fries. After that starter I was expecting great things and unfortunately this course didn’t live up to the standards. It was lovely, but the vegetables were typically meh for “stir fried” and there wasn’t enough of the butter, which certainly didn’t taste of much in the way of peppercorns.

My dessert was a whiskey poached pair with blackberry sorbet, while Christian had the rhubarb brulee – his was clearly the winning choice there. Both were fresh and light to taste with rich flavours.

For most of the evening the kitchen’s warming lamps gave a good amount of light, but every now and then they’d turn them off and plunge us into darkness – one tea light per table of 4 does not really give enough light to eat by! It was all rather disconcerting.

So all up, a pleasant enough place with some good food but definite room to improve.

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