AIB – Welcome to the Future!

Dear AIB

Welcome to 2010. It’s a wonderful year full of exciting possibilities – the sun has started to show itself after a bitter winter and the iPad has just been released which should revolutionise the newspaper/magazine and possibly book markets. Huge leaps are being made in the area of health and we’re managing to come out of a recession. Gosh, we even managed to put a man or two on the moon itself!

Now I know that you’re a little bit behind the times so let me tell you about something that you might have missed. It happened a couple of years back. A smallish company in America invented a thing they called an iPod. It was really just a music player, which of itself wasn’t a huge leap forward – although you may wish to look at replacing that casette deck that you have on your desk cos these ones are a little shinier.

Anyway, the big thing about the new iPod is that it uses a computer to let you buy songs individually – no more having to buy a full record, it’s more like the good old days of singles, except this time every sing is a single – how groovy is that?

Now how you buy the single is also pretty amazing – you plug in this iPod and use the computer to connect to a big store on the internet – I know, futuristic but believe me, it’s all true and here! You can then choose your song and you tell the computer that you want to buy it and hey – presto! The song is now on your iPod for you to listen to. The computer knows who you are, in fact you have to jump through hoops to prove yourself to it before you can buy anything. It then automagically connects to teh credit card company and charges just the amount needed for the song. Yes, even if it’s just €0.74!

So, dear AIB, I know it sounds amazing but it’s true and no – you don’t need to throw up a flag and panic every time I purchase one song online and you certainly do not need to block my card, leave a garbled and slurred incomprehensible message which I need to get a multitude of people to listen to in order to decipher on my phone and when I do finally manage to get through insist that I approve every transaction for the last month before you’ll let me buy another song. I wonder how much time/money/resources you are wasting by doing this to every person who owns an iPod/iPhone/iPad?

Time to join the present and stop living in the past!

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