Everything hurts

The worst part about getting back into the gym is that the first week or so everything hurts. Doesn’t matter how easy I take it whatever muscles are involved will scream at me for at least 2 days. Normally it takes about 24 hours for Delayed-Onset-Muscle-Soreness, or DOMS to set in, so the fact that I went to the gym at lunchtime yesterday and woke up this morning feeling sore all over does not bode well! I’m quite frankly a little scared!

On the tatting front, I started another Mary Konior motif yesterday, one I’ve always loved but never actually done. I’m working in needle tatting, which the pattern was not designed for so it means a couple of changes to the instructions but I’ll get there. I’m working in Lizbeth, which is a hand-dyed Egyptian cotton thread. I’m using Western Sunset which has some gorgeous reds through to mauve. So far I’ve undone the same ring three times which is quite frustrating… Will show the results as soon as I have some!

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