When a trial becomes a real trial

I’ve been looking at a fairly well-respected nutritional website that proports to offer a great-looking journaling feature, informative articles, great forums and, most importantly to me, access to some really useful information. It’s really hard to tell, as the up-front information is OK but doesn’t really show you what to expect when you get there. It’s a subscription based site, no problem – there’s a trial. However, the trial lasts for 24 hours only… grrrr…. today I sent this email.

Dear website-people

I think this is the 3rd time that this has happened to me over the last 2 years now. I sign up for a trial when I think I’m going to have time and then something happens. The first time I remember that I developed a migraine and had to lie down for about 30 hours. The second time I had a friend who needed some emotional support that evening and in this case another project at work has gone into meltdown and I was in the office until past midnight.

24 hours as a trial really doesn’t work for me. I honestly think you need to be giving a 4 or 5 day trial in order for people to get a real idea about how it will work for them. Even a £5 two week paid trial would be a great option. I’ve been asking people about their thoughts online since I believe that it will be good but so far a trial hasn’t given me a view of the site at all and this seems to be the number one reason why people are using alternatives, they couldn’t get enough of a look at it to see if it will work for them.

Thought you should know.


What about you? do you think 24 hours is enough time to really check out a site? What would be reasonable? Is it reasonable to offer longer paid trials as I suggested or should they always be totally free?

Tell me what you think

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