Twitter Clean Up

If you’ve received a link to this post in a twitter message it’s because you’re following me and I’m making some changes you should be aware of.

I love twitter, it’s a fabulous and useful tool. However, it’s still quite rudimentary in that it’s an all or nothing tool. In order to ensure that I don’t spam my friends I’ve created more than one twitter account, a fairly common practice.

Over the years that I’ve been on twitter I’ve been quite open with my accounts, however, I’m finding that while this principle is good I am getting quite a bit more spam of late. So I’ve decided to lock things down a bit.

kersti – this is my private account. It’s for family and close friends only. If you’re being kicked off this one I’m apologising now however 99% of the tweets here will also be posted to one of the following accounts so no need to miss out.

kanear – this is my public account. At the moment it’s open for anyone to follow. I’ve been using this account primarily to follow various feeds and retweet articles etc that I find interesting. I’m going to be adding more personal tweets here.

intatterscraft – another open account, this time dedicated to tatting and craft. Follow this one if you want to see new threads on the website, new additions to the Knots Tatting Links blog or tweets from around the world that are tatting or craft realted (minus the tattooing!)

Hope that clears up any confusion!

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