1. Hi, I am working on this pattern and I wanted to say thank you for sharing the pattern. Would you mind it I posted it on my blog and InTatters letting others know where to ‘find’ it? Thanks Kersti.

  2. Kersti

    I’d be delighted for you to post it on your blog and on InTatters – can’t wait to see 🙂

  3. Jean

    I enjoyed learning more about tatting by following your pattern to make my first tatted necklace!

  4. Susan Edson

    I love this necklace, but I added a few beads, chain and ribbon I`d like to send a Photo,but don’t see how.

  5. Frances Davenport

    Hi Kersti, I have done this several times and the pattern is not correct. I always comes out messed up in the center on the Motif. Would love it if you could post the correction on this pattern. I think it’s very pretty. Thank you, Frances

  6. gidget

    OK so i’m not the only one who takes those old patterns and reworks them into jewelry, cool. I love the old German patterns for edgings. I’m always reworking those. thank you for making this young’un feel not so left out

  7. Tatted with Colour Complements hand-dyed #5 perle cotton – I added beads, used a floating ring instead of the split ring and chain, and used YLI silk ribbon for the chain. Not sure how to attach a photo, but it is in my Annual Tatted Motif Facebook group photo album: http://on.fb.me/1nVkE4M

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