Sleep Easy

I’ve been having trouble sleeping for a while. Nothing too serious, just a general not sleeping as well as I used to type of thing. That’s generally fine but it would be nice to know that I was going to get a good night’s sleep. Most of the natural remedies contain lavender which is guaranteed to give me a migraine – not exactly the response I was after so I put up with my semi-sleep-deprived state for months and months.

At the start of December last year I discovered Clipper Sleep Easy tea – it’s a chamomile, cinnamon and valerian infusion so I figured it might be worth a try. Not being a fan of infusions generally (tea should be black and served with milk) I wasn’t expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised by this one – the taste reminds me of oranges for some reason.

And the result? The first night I had this before bed I slept like a very tired, good sleeper* and I’ve been sleeping quite well ever since. The only problem is that if I have more than one I then sleep well but find myself woken at 3am to visit the ladies!

So, should you have any trouble sleeping I can strongly recommend this one.

* I originally wrote “sleep like a baby” but that would imply waking up and screaming every three hours…

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