Foursquare Badges – A Reasonably Comprehensive Guide

If like me you’ve started to dabble with foursquare you’ll know that it’s sort of a social network combined with a city guide. One of the things that hooks people in is the ability to earn badges according to the stuff you do. All very well, but finding out what badges are available and what you need to do to earn them is not so easy. So this post is a rough guide to the badges in no particular order. I’ll update it as I find out more.

NB I have started to come across an awful lot of event based or location based badges, these are BORING! Let me know in the comments if you think I should include them here or not – there is a rumour that 4sq will be looking for people to make up their own badges so it could get pretty out of hand (and quite frankly become nothing special at all)


You get this the first time you ever check in. It’s kind of a starting point so your profile doesn’t seem so bare.
You’ve checked in to 10 different venues.
You’ve checked in to 25 different venues.
You’ve checked in to 50 different venues.
You’ve checked in on 4 or more consecutive nights.
You’ve checked in to 4 or more different places in the one night.
You’ve checked in to the same venue at least 3 times in a week.
You’ve checked in at least 30 times in one month. (Not sure if that’s a calendar month or in a 4 week timeframe)
School Night
You’ve checked in after 3am on a school night (ie Sunday through Thursday)
You’ve been to 3 places tagged with a photobooth.
You’ve checked into venues that are tagged “douchebag” – not sure at the moment how many you need to go to.
You’ve checked in 10 or more times in a 12 hour period.
Ziggy’s Wagon
You’ve checked in to 3 places marked as food trucks.
You’ve checked in to 3 venues tagged as karaoke.
Gym Rat
You’ve checked into a gym 10 times in 30 days. Shame cos I don;t go to the gym that often but this one is quite cute.
You’ve made 5 birthday shoutouts.
You’ve checked in to at least 10 movie theatres.
You’ve checked into 10 different playgrounds.
Super Mayor
You’ll get this once you manage to be mayor of 10 venues at the same time.
Far Far Away
Welcome to the world above 59th street – whatever that means!
Player Please
You’ve checked in with 3 members of the opposite sex.
Panel Nerd
Three days at the Convention Center before noon.
Not sure yet
Name-Brand Party Trifecta! You hit 3 of the big 6: Frog / Digg / Facebook / Goog / 32-Bit / The Decider
Digg Shindigg
Not sure yet
Karaoke RV
Check in at this event
Dot Com Baller
Not sure yet
I’m on a Boat
Not sure yet
Assuming it is for those who attended the Webby awards
CES 2010
This is another boring event-based badge
Check in at 5 airports
50+ people checked in at the same time – but what if you’re check in number 49? Do you get the badge once the 50th checks in?
Party Crasher
This is another boring event-based badge

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