Ages Past

Hi. Me again. I know, haven’t been here in ages and last time I was here it was cos I was throwing a massive panic.

Well, that all seems to have worked out fairly well and died down a bit I’m glad to say. I upgraded the site so it’s all new and shiny and have been upgrading it as new features become available.

So that means it’s back to me. I resisted the urge this year to give myself a new year resolution of “write a blog post every day” – that’s such a rubbish resolution, doomed to fail. Instead I’ve decided to update more frequently. Generally I don’t bother because I can’t see why anyone would want to read about my boring life. Then I go and read some of my favourite pieces and guess what, they’re all about the mundane boring lives of my friends and reading them makes me feel closer to them. So I will try a bit better – I promise!

Cue rash of posts followed by long pause….

Tell me what you think