Argh! Screwed Up!

I’ve been preparing for a major upgrade to the InTatters website. I’m quite excited about it – the software was purchased back in October in order to take advantage of a pre-release sale and has finally arrived. Not being particularly patient when it comes to these things, I’ve been quite eager to get started and have been reading everything I can find in order to make the transition as smooth as possible.

So, finally I think I’ve got it sorted. I want to install the new software into a new play area and let my premium members have a look and a dig around. In order to do this, the forums for the software say that I should upgrade my existing software to the latest pre-release version. This is a matter of two patches to apply.

So I dutifully back up my database. I decided not to bother backing up the rest of the site, in the years I’ve been running patches on vBulletin I’ve never had a problem.

That was a mistake.

The patch completely broke everything! After much panic-typing and cursing I now at least have access in to the forums themselves, but I’ve lost almost all of the fancy features like the chat box and facebook connect. I’ve even managed to lose the header bar! Who knows what’s happened to the privileges!

I’m now stuck with a dilemna, especially given I’m still on holiday and have a reasonably full schedule.

Do I spend the next day working on restoring the old site to it’s former glory? Or do I spend the next couple of days getting the new site to a state where it can go live???

And then, what’s the best way to install the new site? The old one is in the root directory for the domain, should I do the same again? If I do, should I attempt to install over the existing; wipe the existing and start it again in the same place; or start a new web space and then transfer the domain over when it’s sorted??? Too many questions for not enough time!!!

One of the big issues at the moment, if you try to post you’ll find that the system won’t let you – you need to use your back button on your browser and then post again.

I’ll try to keep this thread here updated with the latest news.


  1. Kersti

    Now attempting to restore the database to the new version of the software, this is a test to see if it will work cleanly. Fingers crossed.

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