Integrating WordPress blog posts into Facebook Notes

Some time ago I set up something that allowed all of my blog posts to e replicated in Facebook as notes. At the time I was on a huge integration kick and thought it was a great idea. Some months later however, I’ve realised that it wasn’t so great. I’ve found that the different audiences for each has me censoring my blog posts. Not that there’s anything I don’t want my friends and family to read – it’s more that I don’t want to bore them silly with posts referencing images that they cannot see.

I guess I see it as facebook users are almost forced to read about me, whereas my blog is something people choose to visit. So I decided to turn off the feature.

Problem. I can’t find the plugin that I must have used to set this up. I searched everywhere, including google and all of the facebook application permissions (now there’s a confusing pile of junk!) and just couldn’t find anything. So this morning I decided to do the obvious – change my password. That ought to stop it.

Nope. Drat!

After some more hair pulling and searching I finally stumbled over the answer – facebook has a built in RSS feed system that will suck down your blog posts. Switching off took all of 10 seconds to do. Aaaahhhh!

So, in case it’s something you want to add or you wish to try to remove, here’s the instructions for the built-in way to make your Facebook notes display the new posts on your blog.

1. Go to your profile, and click on Applications. (bottom left hand corner)
2. Click on Notes. Under My Notes, on the right-hand side, there is a link that says Edit settings. Click on that.
3. Add your blog RSS feed to your settings.

Now, every time you update your blog, the post appears in your Notes, and your Facebook friends will see it.

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