Birthdays and flights

Today was our last day in Munich, and both Inge and Jenna’s actual birthdays. Of course Jenna is all the way in Australia so I couldn’t see her – and by all accounts she’s had a fabulous day.

After some breakfast together, we parted company – Christian and I packed our bags and headed to town for some last minute shopping and lunch before going to the airport.

Airport proved a minor disaster – first of all our flights were over the 2 hours apart and since we’d had no intenet access all weekend I didn’t realise I could have checked in online prior to getting there. So we had to part company at security while I waited for my gate to open. Then after he had gotten through we both realised that we had screwed up the timings so rather than C going through at the last minute, he was inside a full hour ahead of time. That’s an hour we lost grrr….

I went shopping to kill the time (no, didn’t buy anything) and then when I got to the check in desk it turns out my bag was way over weight, so I was forced to put it in the hold. Not having another bag to put my laptop in, I then had to go sopping afterall. Very annoying!

But finally I got home safely which is the main thing, with some new threads to try and quite tired. Missing my man already – count down to November 20th now begins.

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