A day at the zoo

Sunday was such a glorious day in Munich. And since the shops are not open we had to find something else to do – so it was off to the zoo. We saw lots of fabulous animals, a few photos is probably the best way to describe the day. The evening we went out to dinner with Florian and Juli – after a game of Settlers first :)

DSC04654 DSC04656 DSC04661 DSC04674 DSC04679 DSC04680 DSC04690 DSC04699 DSC04707 DSC04714 DSC04717 DSC04719 DSC04725 DSC04731 DSC04735 DSC04737 DSC04742 DSC04744 DSC04752 DSC04750 DSC04762 DSC04764 DSC04766 DSC04767 DSC04768

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