Things to Never Do – #1 Host Your Own Windows 7 Party

Bored this weekend? Feeling a little put out by your friends parading their brand new iPhones and shiny Macs? Why not do the way-cool thing and host your own Windows 7 Launch Party!?

All you need are representatives from all the major social groups – a geek (for that techy cool cred), a white yummy mummy, her ever so perfect grandmother and a random black dude.

Then, assemble them all in your kitchen with a bunch of balloons and go wild. You can upload pictures, something that will make everyone laugh, and you’ll be doing this with people from all over the world. Yay!

Your party will be the event of the decade on your block to be sure and all your Mac-toting friends will be ever so jealous. That’ll show em!

Not sure how to host the party to end all parties??? Why not watch the ever-so-helpful video put together by Microsoft…

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