Pantyhose are back… for men!

After 200 years it seems that fashion is turning for men – pantyhose are back and being sold in Selfridges in the UK!

Touted as “a true style statement”, I’m not quite so sure what that statement is but must admit that I’ve always liked the long-shorts and hose look from the history fashion pages.

How that will translate into modern wear I’m not so sure about and, despite the obvious advantages (warmth and the reintroduction of the “fine calf” of yesteryear) what are the chances of getting any real men to wear them?

According to the website, “If you don’t shave your legs, pantyhose will help to cover your leg hair. if you do shave your legs, pantyhose will cover your naked legs.”

And should you feel that the pink floral pantyhose are too “femmy” for you, the website suggests that you can counter this by growing a moustache. Umm… yer… aaannnyyway….

Visit the mantyhose website for more pictures and a guide for men on how to put them on…

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