Librarian shows others the fun in tatting

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Sandy Wallick, a long -time member of the Lincoln Lacemakers Club, demonstrates the lacemaking technique of tatting at the Camp Creek Threshers Show in Waverly, Saturday, July 18, 2009.

Sandy Wallick loves to show others how tatting is done.

The Lincoln librarian recently set up shop for a weekend at Camp Creek Threshing Show near Waverly and soon will be doing more demonstrations with other members of Lincoln Lacemakers.

Wallick, who also does bobbin lace (which uses a weaving technique), said she does more tatting than anything else.

“It’s very portable and very durable,” she said, noting that tatting is the type of lace most often seen on pillowcases, towels and everyday items.

Tatting uses a knotting technique, she said, which means that errors require the stitches to be picked out.

The shuttles used for tatting can be made from any type of material, she said, and they come in a variety of sizes. She prefers an Aero shuttle, which has a detachable bobbin and is easy to load.

“This way I can work on several different projects at a time,” Wallick said.

“Learning can be frustrating,” she said of her experience about 20 years ago, “but once you get it, it’s very relaxing.

“Once you get a rhythm going,” she said, “it’s very calming. I tat and watch TV or listen to a book on tape.”

Her projects are a variety of items, ranging from earrings she’s made that incorporate beads to an amulet bag she wears daily. Plus there are edgings, bookmarks and three-dimensional items like the framed squirrel she entered once in the Nebraska State Fair.

One of the original members of the Lincoln Lacemakers, Wallick said she enjoys representing the group at area events. Her next demonstration will be Sunday (Aug. 2) at Homestead National Monument.

The group also will have members at the Wilber Czech Festival from Friday through Sunday, the Nebraska State Fair and at Arbor Lodge this fall during one of its Living History events.

Wallick, who has worked for Lincoln City Libraries for 30 years and currently is the Youth Services librarian at the Gere branch, said she enjoys showing tatting to others, mainly kids.

Next on her agenda is getting items finished to enter this year’s Nebraska State Fair.

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