1. RKB

    Loved the stumpy bookmark so much that I used the pattern to make earrings. They are stunning. Thank you for the pattern.

  2. […] Kersti’s Stumpy Bookmark Pattern, in Purple. I still need to wash and block it. I finished this Saturday night, and I had to laugh this morning when I realized that I had grabbed a slightly darker shade of purple to finish up the last row of the bookmark. Oh well. This was my test of the pattern anyway, so I could learn the nuances before making more. […]

  3. In many patterns you’ll find that reverse is implied when changing from ring to chain and is only mentioned when you do something unusual, such as not reverse.

  4. Merci pour votre gentil partage. Je débute dans la frivolité et votre schéma est très bien expliqué.

  5. brinda

    How do I know when, if or were to turn and tie or reverse work.. I do not understand why most patterns on the internet do not include this every important step…

  6. Most olders tyle pattern do not include this information. Generally you would turn at the end of every ring or chain unless told not to. I agree that it’s a little confusing for newbies, I intend to revamp the pattern in a few months time once I’m through the current period of madness

  7. kris rose

    I am having a problem understanding the next to last direction given with the pattern of the bookmark. I keep ending up with an extra picot. What am i doing wrong?

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