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I’m so sick and tired of the woeful vegetables that you can buy from supermarkets in Dublin. Even the farmers markets here seem to try to peddle poor quality, almost last year’s crop for some exhorbitant price. (OMG don’t get me started on those – 4 stalls does not constitute a whole market IMHO).

The majority of fruit and vegetables that we buy are too hard or unripe to eat for two days and then turn into a mushy black mess in 30 seconds flat. And if you think I’m kidding, there’s a pineapple on our bench that was purchased about 4 days ago that needs to be binned. A pineapple. That thing should have lasted at least 3 weeks. It’s not like Dublin is exactly hot.

I have no idea what they do in stores to keep things, but then given the amount of mold I’ve seen in stores, they probably just throw all the about to turn stock onto the shelves and wait for the poor public to purchase. I imagine it’s cheaper to buy it that way.

Anyway, in frustration I’ve turned to Homeorganics – an organic vegetable delivery service. Now normally I’m not too fussed about organic, for the most part it seems to mean “sell the misshapen and hail-damaged stock for twice the price”, but these guys are promising a good selection of veggies from some organic suppliers delivered straight to my door.

So today I had my first delivery. I opted for the whole-shebang. A standard veggie bag, a fruit bag and a mediterranean bag. You can see the haul in the photo there. ( if you can’t see the pic) Here’s what my bag contained:

  • 300g of lovely looking spinach
  • 300g aubergine
  • 1 small 20g garlic
  • 120g of lovely looking lettuce
  • 240g small onions (5)
  • 920g of medium potatoes (9)
  • 500g carrots (10)
  • 200g string beans
  • 220g mushrooms
  • 400g of gorgeous small vined tomatoes
  • 3 very green bananas
  • 180g small avocado
  • 3 oranges
  • 1 large lemon
  • 3 very yummy apples

So far we’ve gone through 2 of the apples, and I used a couple of spuds and some carrots, a small onion and a few beans to roast with some pumpkin that I already had on hand.

I’m hoping that this will get us to eat a larger variety of fruit and vegetables, and I’m hoping to learn a little more about seasonal veggies. I do recall that when I was young you could only get strawberries in the spring/summer and now you can get them all year round.

Anyway, the plan is to post my recipes and let you know how the produce lasts, if at all.

Feel free to give me ideas of how to use this stuff!

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