Blaze Aid – Help Mending Fences

In the bushfire affected areas hundreds of kms of fencing has been destroyed and it’s one of the only things that the money raised through the red cross has not addressed yet and probably won’t because of the cost.

There are 2 couples organising volunteers to go and put up fencing for the affected people and they are calling for volunteers of any type, any age to help. Whether you have got fencing expertise, or just have some free time and are fairly fit and able or happy to just sit and cut wire all day, or have tools, equipment, tractors, fencing supplies to offer, please help.

These people were affected by the fires and organised people to help them with their fencing and decided to keep going to help out other people in the affected areas.

If you or you know of someone who has a few free days with nothing better to do and want to help out go the following website to see more info and contact them: http://blazeaid.com/

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