Strange Fruit in Dublin

As part of the St Patrick’s Day festival in Dublin the Melbourne group Strange Fruit were performing in Grand Canal Square. This is at the back of my place so I figured it wouldn’t be too much bother to go and see them. I remember them at one of the Garden Exhibitions in Melbourne a few years back.

I’d have to say that Spheres was one of the most bizarre pieces of performance art I’ve seen for a while. 7 people perched on bendy poles either inside or poking through giant fabric covered balls. There seemed to be some kind of story going on, but no-one near us had any idea of what that story was. One of the characters seemed to go rather evil and then suddenly turned all nice.

And then about half way through they all stopped – technical difficulties. The crowd was quite generous and hung about for 10 minutes for them to sort it all out and then they finished their show, just in time for the rain to start!

A good start to the festival, and probably one of the most cultured items on the calendar!

Strange Fruit

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