When this program first became available I naturally downloaded it, only to be disappointed because it only ran online and having just an iPod Touch this was a severe problem.

So I was pleased to find that with version 1.03 I am able to download and store information locally on my trusty iPot.

What that means is that I should now have full access to cache details with me at all time in an easily readable and easily updateable format. Perfect!

Reality though, is proving not quite so great.

Why? Well, it appears to be a little buggy.

I’ve been finding that it cannot load a large file – I have an 11Mb file of all of Ireland’s caches but iGeocacher seems to crash part way through. If I’m lucky it’ll import 519 caches (that’s the highest figure so far) which is a far cry from my 1500 strong database.

So, I created a file much smaller. That loaded fine, at least it seems to have. However, it seems to load child waypoints as individual caches as well which is clutter in the list and confusing.

It also seems to lose the list of caches altogether during use. For example, I searched on a group of caches by name and got my list of 97 matches. In list view I then went to the information screen to see what version I was running. On closing that screen I find my list view is empty. The only way to restore it is to quit the program and come back in again.

In the wild I found that this was quite an annoying problem and seemed to happen quite regularly when switching from detailed cache view to the list view.

I’d also like to see some features added – such as the ability to mark caches as completed (with a time stamp) and also the ability to add notes to cache entries.

Still, so far it’s a great app and I know that I’m going to perservere with it at least for now.


[+] I’ve figured out how to mark a cache as done in this – you can move it to a new group so you set up a group for completed caches and move to there.

[+/-] I’ve also worked out that you’re best loading the GPX files that you get direct from Geocaching.com – although it occassionally crashes during a load and does not remove duplicates.

[-] Oh and I don’t seem able to see more than 5 logs which is annoying too.

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