MacBook Pro cannot see wireless

I’ve just had NTL installed. During installation the tech used my MacBook Pro to connect and sort out the setup. Everything worked well for a few hours.

Later that evening I was unable to connect to the network – when I tried it would throw a “connection error”. After a little while the network was not visible. Typing in the SSID manually would get me either a connection timeout or a network unavailable error.

I’ve tried switching everything off and on again in every conceivable order and way with no luck.

I’ve tried changing the security type on the router from WPA-2 Personal through different levels of security to none at all.

I’ve updated my OS to the latest one.

I’ve tried making the network hidden, no luck there either.

I’ve tried changing the channels too.

I’ve installed iStumbler – it can’t see the network either.

I’ve accessed the airport utility that’s hidden deep in the bowels of the system – airport -I showed that it’s working well.

I CAN see and access other networks nearby. Luckily one of them is wide open.

A linux machine in our house can see and access the network perfectly, my iPod Touch can also see and access with no issues and a windoze machine can do the same. It’s only the MBP that is having the problem.

I have a D-Link router, searching around has shown a number of users with similar problems with the D-Link but also with Linksys routers.

Anyone else got any ideas?

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  1. admin

    No idea what I did but I seem to have gotten it working – I suspect it was the threats that finally did the trick…

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