Keeping up with me!

There’s so many social networking tools online at the moment and none of them are quite right but I think I’ve found the mix that works best for me.

My blog I the place where I post bigger stories of what’s happening in my life – although I must admit that I’m not the best at doing that. I often find that my good intentions are overtaken by other things and the next thing you know it’s been weeks since my last post. However, when I do get to post it’s a great way to keep my friends and family abreast of what’s happening in my life. One of the best features of my blog is that I can include images within my posts, something I can’t really do on facebook. I also like the way that my blog is mine, it’s not owned by facebook so I feel I have more control over the flavour of the content overall. It’s also not sullied by distracting applications and the like. I can email my blog to put up a post if I want to, I can also put up a post and date stamp it for last week – a useful feature if I get sidetracked. And if I’m super organised I can even set up a post to publish next week.

Twitter gives me instant updates on what’s happening in the life of my friends, and tweets tend to be more intimate than even facebook status messages and more frequent from those who do use it. One of the best things about Twitter is that I can update it via SMS. I have a number in my phone that a quick txt to will let me tweet to my heart’s content. A great way to let off steam! Another plus for twitter is the desktop apps that enable you to update your status and receive updates without having to go to the website. I wish more of my friends and family used twitter to update their facebook status messages!

Facebook is great for me to connect to friends and family back home on a more intimate level. With the new interface status messages are easier to see and I find are also easier to comment on – which is now my favourite way of getting in touch with people. If a friend posts a status message that says she’s feeling down, I can directly comment on that and have a conversation about it (albeit public). If she posted 6 hours ago by the time I see it I can check up to see if she’s OK now. I can also follow another friend’s excitement as her favourite team plays – even though I wouldn’t know who’s playing who given that there’s not a lot of publicity for Aussie Rules Football here in Ireland. I feel more connected and more a part of their lives and when I get similar status message comments I feel that my friends are there for me. I only wish that facebook status messages could be used to update twitter, then I could follow all my friends without needing to log in all the time.

So, how do I manage all of these applications and keep everyone up to date? It’s actually fairly simple.

Any entry to my blog automatically posts a note in facebook. And for one txt message sent to Twitter my blog site is up to date and my facebook status message is updated as well as well as any twitter applications any of my friends are using.

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