A live one

Last night we went to the Sugar Club to see Jimeoin’s show. It was, well, kind of funny. Plenty of giggles and laughs but to tell the truth I was looking forward to some comparisons between life in Australia and Ireland – so much material there. A few times I thought he’d go there, he mentioned the trams for example and then didn’t make anything of it.

We walked home, down Leeson St until we were stopped by the police. They were blocking off a section of the whole street. We watched as a few drivers and walkers tried to argue with them. Who argues with “bomb scare” in Dublin????  Should have let the muppets go past…

This morning I had a look for the news article about it – and sure enough, it appears that the army bomb disposal squad “made safe a viable device discovered outside Corrib House (left) on Leeson Street having been alerted to the scene by Gardaí at 10.30pm last night.”

I do wonder what the bomb looked like and how people would have recognised it as something call police about – would I recognise it? Would I have just walked on past?

While working on that bomb they got a call about another one, which turned out to be a hoax so a very busy night for the lads. Seems to be at least one potential bomb a week in Dublin, I’m not used to that!

I know that when I worked at McDonald’s at Melbourne Airport that the bomb squad guys would complain of having busy days, but I don’t think I’ve ever been quite so close to a viable device. I’m glad that the local guys know what they’re doing!

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