Gardaí to switch off nuisance alarms

At last – some sense… The Irish government is “proposing measures to allow the gardaí to switch off nuisance house and car alarms if the owners are absent.

The proposals would allow the Gardaí to enter the house of an absent householder to turn off a nuisance alarm and also to invoice the resident for any costs incurred.”

It’s about time. Alarms have become such background noise that they don’t really seem to do much at all except wake everyone up. If I had things my way they would not be allowed at all, there should instead be monitoring of the situation with videos and a central control.

Having a horrible noise blasting out at 3am doesn’t stop anyone who really wants to get into your place and take your stuff, all it does is confirm that you’re not actually at home and provide some cover for unusual noises. If I were in the market to buy a property I know that I’d probably be inclined to favour a property in a location where noisy alarms were not allowed.

So I’m hoping that this not only comes into effect here soon, but that it’s picked up by other countries as well.

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