South Australia dumps plastic bags

South Australia bucks trend and dumps plastic bags
By Pia Akerman

June 19, 2008 01:58am
Article from: The Australian

SOUTH Australia has introduced legislation to ban lightweight plastic shopping bags.

All thin plastic bags supplied at supermarket checkouts and take-away food outlets will be banned from next May, but heavier bags used by department stores and boutiques will not be affected.

Retailers must provide an alternative to the plastic bags from January during a four-month transition period, The Australian reports.

South Australia’s ban goes against the national trend, with Victoria the only other state to adopt the policy.

The Environment Protection and Heritage Council rejected a national ban or plastic bag levy in April, despite federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett lobbying for a phase-out by the year’s end.

South Australian Environment Minister Gail Gago said plastic bags were an “environmental menace” that about 12,500 retailers across the state would have to do without.

Saw this article today and must say that it’s a damn good thing and I think everyone should do this. In Ireland there is a levy for all plastic bags – but honestly the flimsy supermarket style ones are terrible. More often than not they have holes in them so you can’t use them as a rubbish bag even if you wanted to. I’d love to see them phased out here as well and make it so that you can only buy the thicker plastic (paper bags with Irish weather are not a good mix!) or non-plastic alternatives.

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