Moving the blog

I finally had the chance to sit down and organise moving my blog. I’ve moved from typepad to wordpress, primarily because typepad nolonger has a free option (although I was paying for premium) and because my new hosting provider makes having wordpress an option.

Setting up wordpress was more difficult than it should have been – mainly because of lack of support from the hosting provider who failed to do simple things such as let me know what my ftp details were and also because their simple install system wasn’t working and I couldn’t be bothered sorting it all out.

Well, today that’s all sorted so I thought I’d get going on the transfer. Naturally I’ve spent most of the day looking at templates and playing around with pretty pictures. Not very productive, but enjoyable and once again I envy all the graphic desgners I know who could have done what I want so much easier and faster.

Anyway, a quick look around to see if there’s a simple way to export my typepad blog to wordpress and sure enough there seems to be. Problem arises when I realise that my account has expired and although my blog is still up and running, I have no real access to it! Looks like this might be a painful process afterall.

So, after paying for a month of Typepad (must remember to cancel that shortly) I was able to export my posts, back over to wordpress and I imported them all successfully – albeit minus the images.

After tinkering a little I discovered that my installation of wordpress was very out of date, so I resolved to install a new version. No hosting provider fancy thing, I was on my own. Luckily wordpress is extremely easy to install. I ended up removing everything I had and installing from scratch, a quick import of the posts and I was back to a nice clean install. About a half hour once I’d done everything I needed to do.

Now… to make it look pretty!

Tell me what you think