Howth Cliff Walk

On Saturday morning I was feeling a bit daft, and actually agreed to go on the Howth Cliff Walk. Of course, the fact that there are 6 caches along the way was a major draw for me and 4 hours didn’t sound too bad when the sun was shining outside.

We started with a quick virtual cache, of course it was never going to be quick in Ireland and took the best part of an hour thanks to a lack of entry points for the cemetary, but nonetheless we found Lynott’s grave which looked like a rather large and old cache had thrown up on it, it was so covered with knick knacks.

From this point the cliff walk is best done backwards, so we went to the nearest Martello Tower to start – so far so good! Very quickly, however, I discovered just why it’s called a cliff walk and by about 2/3 of the way around I was totally knackered. There were 6 caches in the series named after this walk and we managed to find 5 of them – the unfound one is naturally half way and only unfound because of the couple who looked like they had settled in for the weekend right on the cache location!

By the time the light started to fade I would have eaten a horse was very very happy to see the pub at the end. Some lovely views, some very sore limbs!

We headed home early, which is just as well as I was almost unable to walk and even Sunday morning I hurt all over! Today my back is still sore, but at least my legs have recovered, but no I’m not going to do that again in a hurry.

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