A Raclette Party

We had a
raclette party at our place last night, although I wasn’t feeling well so I
didn’t take any photos. Raclette is a type of cheese from Switzerland that is
prepared with vegetables on a special raclette grill. The grill heats numerous
small pans in which each guest melts the raclette with vegetables and other
toppings of his or her choice. All the host needs to do is supply the equipment
and prepped cheese and vegetables. Then everyone can relax with a beverage of
choice while their individual raclette pans cook. It couldn’t get any
We had small
potatoes cooked in their jackets, plenty of cheese, some bacon and cured meat,
brocolli, prawns, sun-dried tomatoes, sweetcorn, olives and artichokes to make
our little meals out of. There was plenty of wine and sparkling. The cheese is
delicious and we tried it with the traditional cheese as well as some goats
cheese and sheep cheese and overall it was a lot of fun to have a raclette
There’s even an
Australian website devoted to the art of raclette – http://www.raclette.com.au/

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