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I’ve been interviewing with a couple of financial companies over the last couple of weeks for roles, the interviews have been going well and I’ve made it through to the second round on both so far.

That’s great – except that I have nothing to wear! I have three quite traditional suits, one is definitely a winter suit and it’s been far too hot for it. Another is really starting to look very tired, not surprising since I’ve had it for about 5 years now. The third is currently in the dry cleaners and has already made it to the interviews I’ve done so far. Time for a new suit.

I popped into Brown Thomas last week to look for a new suit. After an hour or so of looking I was… shock and horror… getting bored. So I decided to see if BT has a personal shopping service. I went down to the information desk to ask about it.

The women’s wear person was on a break so the men’s wear guy came to see me – he shook my hand and explained how it all works. He said that it’s a totally free service and there’s absolutely no obligation. Then the women’s wear girl came back so  I had a quick meeting with her where I described what I was looking for and gave her my size. She booked me if for Thursday afternoon.

Thursday came around and I went to the personal shopping suite. There was a large room with racks at one end and huge three way mirrors and a couple of lounge chairs. Sharon had a half dozen suits ready for me to try on in the huge changing area. I tried a couple on and we discussed what I did and didn’t like about them. We also discussed budget. She then disappeared (brought me some tea) and went to find more.

Over the course of the next hour I tried on about 30 suits all up. Included were suits from Vivienne Westwood and Paul Smith – one of the Paul Smith suits was navy pinstriping with skin tight pants, very 60’s – all it needed was the winkle-picker shoes! Surprisingly it looked awesome on me 🙂 Showed off my figure perfectly, but was perhaps a little out there for the average financial institution.

In the end I decided on a Moschino Cheap and Chic suit in brown. It’s got all sorts of tweed and pinstriping type panels, so the unusual type detailing that I love. It comes with a pencil skirt – they didn’t have my size in skirt so they brought in the company tailor who pinned up a larger one and will size it down to fit me perfectly at no extra cost. The jacket is shown in the picture here.

As I was finishing up with the tailor Sharon brought in about 20 pairs of jeans for the next client – what a fabulous idea! I’d recommend personal shopping if you have something quite definite in mind to buy. I’m sure I’ll be using the service again too!


  1. Arlene

    Sharp suit, very nice. Congrats. I wonder if that would help…naw. Doesn’t help if no one is actually making the skirt that you want (in truth, some are but they are all costume makers, not department stores).

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