Today started pretty poorly – woke with a migraine grrr… not too impressed. But the drugs started working soon enough. On top of that the weather was particularly nasty today with it just pouring rain.

I met Steve, my old flatmate, for lunch as he works just around the corner from where I now live. Afterwards I changed and then headed into town for an interview with a recruitment agent about a job that I  think would be perfect for me. It was a positive interview and I should hear more next week. Don’t really want to discuss anymore – no point in giving the fairy folk ideas.

On the way home I popped into a butcher that I’d seen a few times. No beef sausages, no idea what lamb backstrap is – although they did have some lamb steaks, which are hard to find here. No lard, apparently I won’t get that anywhere in Ireland or the UK. However, the exciting thing is that this guy actually butchers his own pigs and next week he’s going to save up the fat for me. I’ll be able to render it and make my own lard.

Why on earth would I want to do that? Well lard makes for much nicer pastries than just butter. Huge difference. I’ve been on a mission to find it for weeks now. I’ve had great conversations with old butchers about how much of a difference it makes, but until now no luck…

5 thoughts on “Friday”

  1. So I should put Lard on the list of things to send you? Yes it does make for a better pastry. Making your own – wow that’s interesting.

  2. I Love Lamb… backstrap is the bit that runs along the spine,in some countries it is called the tenderloin… very tender & juicy. Low on in fat, cooks up quickly, best med. rare. Can be cut into about 2 inch slices and made into k-bobs…..
    Goes great with grilled eggplant…. happy eating…..


  3. Will see if there is any Crisco around town. Good for pastry but of course I havent seen it here in a while…always fun trying to use substitutes for the American recepies! Some very good disasters here with pastry so havent made it in ages.

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