I know, I’ve left it quite late to book a hotel. Kept umming and ahhing about which one to get, hate booking hotels – I always worry that there’s a better one that I’m missing out on or a better deal.

Anyway, Fiona suggested one place which looked lovely and she phoned them for me (she used to live in Paris so she speaks the lingo – I was dead chuffed that I could understand part of her conversation) but unfortunately they were booked and so was their recommended next place.

So, on to lastminute and we found a place that sounds quite good, within the budget too – and here’s the write up "This hotel is housed in an 18th century building and is located within
close proximity of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the Orsay Museum, the river
Seine and the Louvre. You’ll also find yourself in the very heart of
the renowned weekly Antiques Fair. Guest rooms are full of charm and
well-equipped . The service and professionalism at the hotel will
ensure you keep coming back."

Looks good, so I booked. When I finally got home tonight I was telling a friend about it and looked up the website (something I’d normally do before I booked)… my those pictures look familiar I think, but it’s the wrong address.

I jump onto the French Yellow Pages site to have a look, they have shots of the street and some good aerial shots too – and guess what – I’m absolutely sure it’s the same place that Gary and I stayed in when we came to Paris all those years ago!

Too funny! Well, at least I know how to get there!

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