Madame Serpent

by Jean Plaidy

From the cover: Sullen-eyed and broken-hearted, fourteen-year-old
Catherine de’ Medici rode into France. Behind her and before her rode
the nobility of Italy. She was to marry Henry of Orleans, second son of
the King. Amid the glittering fetes, masques, jousts and banquets of
the most immoral court in sixteenth-century Europe, the reluctant bride
became a passionate but unwanted wife. Angry, humiliated and tortured
by jealousy as she secretly spied on Henry’s lovemaking, Catherine
began to plan her revenge . . .

Unfortunately by the time revenge is at hand Plaidy decides to stop the book. While we get a glimpse at what might be we never get the story of it – something I think is a great shame as the truth turned out to be quite interesting.

In all a great read, just slightly dissappointed at the sudden ending.

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