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Just watched Hoodwinked and I loved it. It’s a great movie – about Little Red Riding Hood. However, this time there’s a twist to the classic story that everyone knows. We start at Granny’s house where we find a crazed woodsman with a cowboy accent, a wolf in Granny’s clothes who’s as honest as the day is long, Granny with a secret and martial arts expert Red herself.

Once the local law arrives we look at each character’s version of events – and it turns out that there might be a connection with the mysterious Goody Bandit who’s been stealing recipes and shutting down goody shops all over the forest.

Oh and other characters – a hyper squirrel who should be kept well away from coffee, a dapper frog who’s leading the investigation, police chief grizzly bear who just wants to arrest someone, a cute bunny and a goat who was cursed and now has to sing everything he says.

So just who turns out to be the baddy? I’m not telling… 🙂

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