Homeless No More

Recently I’ve been looking for a new place to live. I’ve been living with Emma and Steve for 18 months now and I’ve kind of out shopped my wardrobe space! Time to move on!

It’s been a real pain looking at places – they vary so much and at times it really gets you down. Then there’s the number of people who do’t reply to messages grrr…

Anyway, I’ve found a place and I’ll soon be living in Sandymount. It’s a half hour walk to work – as opposed to my current 7 minute hike, so I’ll need to get up earlier! I’ll be living with just one person – Lissi who’s German. I move in the weekend after Tegs and Cam arrive, so I’ve got built in moving helpers!

Looking forward to it…


  1. Marian Anear

    Glad the search is over. Now you can relax. Are you sure that T & C will be enough help with the transferring of all that shopping?

  2. Cameron

    You’re moving because the wardrobe isn’t big enough? Considered throwing some clothes out?

    I hope we can find a place easier than you could!

    Seeya soon!

  3. Help you move out? i’ve never had to help moving out! why start now!! is this paid labour? ’cause we could use some poket money!!

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