Manchester_cathedralI began organising this weekend in Manchester way back in December, but despite the best layed plans it didn’t work out as I’d thought, but I decided to make the most of it.

I arrived on Friday night and had a bit of a walk around to scope out the place – find the good shopping and see if I can spot a place where I might get a decent drink and a decent breakfast for tomorrow. Seemed like a nice enough place.

Saturday I headed out determined to do some hard core shopping, after all I had a date with Dior to pick up some shoes. Didn’t take me long to find my favourite store and I was upstairs looking at the clothes in Burberry in no time at all. Got chatting to the wonderful assistant, Alex and lamenting the demise of my dream of a red Burberry trench coat when he pulled out an alternative – a gorgeous red rain coat. I tried it on and it looked lovely. The price was hideous, but hell – Ilze spent more than that on a pair of shoes last month… I asked Alex to put it away for me so I could at least think about it.

So I left Burberry and headed for Arndale – Europe’s largest city centre shopping centre and site of the 1996 IRA bombing (no one was killed, lots of damage but all sorted now). Picked up my Dior’s which are just gorgeous. Spent most of the day looking around Arndale but thinking about that coat, so I headed back to the store. Alex had gone home early but his colleague put the sale in his name.

Dinner was in a French style place and then I popped into a local pub for a drink before heading home to bed.

Sunday I decided to leave my cards in the safe in my room – if I wanted anything I would have to go back and get funds. This I’ve decided is a good general plan. Wore my new Diors out for the day – something which my feet were not too happy about after a few hours. It was far too hot for my new coat, was wearing a singlet!

Jamestaylor_2 Sunday night was the reason for the trip, went to see James Taylor playing at the Apollo. Think "Something in the Way She Moves", "Country Road", "How Sweet It Is"… The show was really good, the guy is a hoot. At one point he brings out a drum machine – a huge wooden contraption with a spinning drum and huge arms that bash on cymbols and actual drums… woodworking was clearly a passion. Anyway, amazing voice, three encores and a thoroughly good show.


< The drum machine, totally crazy!

So Monday was my last day in Manchester. I slept in and took the morning very relaxed before heading out to Bury to see the "Famous Market". I was most disappointed! It’s tiny and mainly made up of cheap clothing stalls, but since those are popping up in shopping centres all over the place it was a waste! If you lived there the butchers might be worthwhile, but it certainly wasn’t worth the trip out for me. What I miss is the Queen Vic. Not that I ever really went there that often but it was so nice to know it was there!

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