Good Friday

WOW! No pubs open on Good Friday – totally bizarre. Even restaurants are not allowed to serve alcohol. Of course that doesn’t stop the locals from going to the off-license on Maundy Thursday and stocking up for their home parties. I’m sure that there will be some very sore heads tomorrow!

Ilze flew in this morning. We headed into town for some lunch and for a bit of a shop – thankfully Brown Thomas was open, so we had a good look around at the shoe lounge.

Louis Vuitton has a new range out – the monogram canvass with a silver or gold lace pattern overlayed, it’s lovely but only come in a couple of bag styles and really is a bit overpriced like most LV stuff is. Still, lovely to look at.

Next stop was Dior and they finally have in the flat shoes that match the pumps I purchased last year – I just adore them, I’ve been popping in and out of Dior ever since to see if they’d get them back in. You can just imagine my excitement to find them back, I’d honestly given up! Naturally they didn’t have my size in the colour I wanted – they did have in white so I could try for size. The assistant looked up stock lists and found that Manchester have my size – what luck! They store in Manchester is holding a pair for me 🙂

We next tried for a bit of an afternoon tea at Bewleys – and everything on the menu that I fancied they were out of. Finally I settled on a scone, but they came back to say they didn’t have any so I decided to give up – maybe grab some chocolate later on. Was a bit miffed when they girl came out to give the couple at the next table some hot cross buns – they hadn’t told me about those! Not to worry, M&S make the best hot cross buns… we grabbed some of those to heat up at home.

Next stop was a quick look in Fitzpatricks where I found a lovely pair of Fendi’s in my size going for less than half price 🙂 Love that! Yes they came home with me… I’ll upload a photo in a few days. Obviously St Crispin is looking out for me today 😀

The rest of the day was spent planning tomorrow….


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