Follow up on Adobe

OK, it’s only fair – have to report on today’s attempt to contact customer support at Adobe.

I managed to get a UK based customer care person to pick up within a couple of minutes. My challenge for them – I know that I have a licence for a product, cannot find any CDs, don’t remember my customer number or order number, don’t know the serial number or even what version of the product it is, can’t remember which email address I used on the site. I’ve move hemisphere and changed my name in the last few years – can they help me find it!

Within 12 minutes I had my serial number, customer number, the registered email address and was downloading a new copy of the product. Another 3 minutes and I had a new customer number – this time based in Europe so it’s easier to find, with al my prior details transferred.

Have to say that today I am most impressed with Adobe!

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