Easter Saturday

Ugg! What a horrible time of day to get up, 5:30am sould be banned! And to think that my parents *forced* me to do that every morning for 6 years as a child… and then I had to walk to school in the rain with no shoes… wait, maybe not that last bit!

Anyway, I digress… Ilze and I got up at stupid o’clock and headed out to the train station – of course I’d based my timings on us going to Heuston station, but thankfully I remembered that we only needed to get to Connolly which is a fair bit closer.

We had a lovely trip in first class on the train up to Belfast and arrived just before 10am. First stop was the market, not a lot going on but still I do miss covered markets so it was pretty cool to have a poke about. I got some flowering tea and some Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee beans.

We spent most of the day shopping, just for something different 🙂  and then went to Oscar’s Champagne Cafe for lunch. It’s really not what you’d expect from the name, sure they serve some champagne but the name conjours up images of total decadance and strawberries etc, not a standard little cafe on a main road! I wanted some scones but they were out so I asked for toast with honey but they didn’t have any honey… however, they were happy to pop next door and buy some for me 🙂 Now that’s what I call service!

Afterwards we decided to go and take a peek at Belfast castle. You can’t really go inside  cos it’s a conference centre and I think they were organising for a wedding, but we got to have a look around. The outside looks lovely.

We then headed back to town and found our way to the Merchant Hotel and the lovely bar there. We had a few cocktails, but we stayed well away from their 750 pound sterling Mai Tai – aside from not liking Mai Tais, that buys a lot of shoe! We spent a lovely couple of hours and got rather tipsy before heading back home on the train!

Belfast Castle at Wikipedia
Merchant Hotel in Belfast

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